Ways of Seeing Living Lines
Christine Kingsley with Suzanne Scott
Slessor Gardens Dundee
Thu 26 Oct
the level 1 DJCAD students in Social Digital are celebrating all things pencil and pixel- the tools and skills of their future careers As year 1 students at DJCAD and residents of Dundee city for the next 4 years of their study, this event is one of finding their 'Place' in the city.  The public space is an idyllic spot with clear views of the river Tay and almost finished V&A design museum.  This event is an exploration of their journey through their module Ways of Seeing with a focus on who they are and who they will become as designers, makers, and creative... all that they hope and dream of becoming while studying here in Dundee.

The students have prepared for this event as individuals reflecting on their preference for pencil or pixel and then in groups, considering the partnership of both.  The Big Draw celebration and festival allows students to embrace the skills associated with drawing for design as they know it now, and also the new skills they are acquiring in coding and digital literacy, creative skill required for 21st Century designers.

Students have celebrated by making posters and banners based on historical peaceful posted marches to find their voice in the city and share in the living lines celebration. They have devised many innovative ways of seeing drawing through the theme of pencils and pixels and will be chalking the pathways with images, slogans and mark making that they want to temporarily share with the city.  

A timely event as the Dundee 2023 bid will have just left 15mins before from Dundee City Square, the students of DJCAD social Digital programmes will be riding high on the promise of all that the future has to offer them in the city and beyond.

This is a free event

Suitable for ages: All

Organised by University of Dundee, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design

Family Friendly Facilities: opportunities to chalk draw pictures with DJCAD students celebrating drawing. No need to bring chalks we have plenty
fully accessible flat open space

Slessor Gardens Dundee
Slessor Gardens
City Centre

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