The Isbourne Valley School BIG Drawing Adventure - Watch This Space!
Gemma Hastilow with Jen Beetson
Isbourne Valley School
Mon 16 Oct 9.30am
Children were asked questions about drawing and how it makes them feel. A lot of children said that drawing was an escape and took them to another place, so we will be doing some whole school collaborative drawings based on this theme which we will then use to make an animation. All children in the school were asked the following questions -
Why do you draw?
How does drawing make you feel? 
Can you tell us about a drawing you did recently?

A lot of the children talked about drawing being an escape, and of going to another place when they drew. They also said that drawing made them feel happy and nice, but frustrated when they couldn't get it right. We looked at the descriptions of drawings to come up with the themes below.

The theme for the event will be space, with a pencil representing drawing that is zooming into space to different planets, each with a theme to prompt collaborative drawing. The themes are food, superheroes, busy (transport and buildings), animals, magical/mythical and weird/wonderful (monsters, spooky, aliens etc.). The pencil will be decorated, with wings added, perhaps with drawings of children travelling on it. The planets will be very large with plenty of space for children to add details of the worlds within!

We will then take the pencil and planets to make a short animation with the children to bring our drawings to life!

This is a free event

Suitable for ages: 0-5 6-11

Organised by Isbourne valley school

Isbourne Valley School
Isbourne Valley School
GL54 5PF

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