The Big Draw Japan 2017
Divya Marie Kato of When In Doubt, Draw with Karen Thomas of Toriizaka Art
Toriizaka Art Gallery
Sun 22 Oct 2pm-4pm
The world's biggest drawing festival comes to Japan! Join us for a Sunday celebrating the universal language of drawing! “I have drawn things since I was six. All that I made before the age of sixty-five is not worth counting.  At seventy-three I began to understand the true construction of animals, plants, trees, birds, fishes, and insects.  At ninety I will enter into the secret of things.  At a hundred and ten, everything--every dot, every dash--will live.”― Hokusai Katsushika

The Big Draw is the world's biggest drawing festival and this year...we're bringing it to Japan!  Two of Tokyo's female entrepreneurs, Divya Marie Kato of When In Doubt, Draw and Karen Thomas of Toriizaka Art are coming together to host The Big Draw Japan 2017 as part of the International Animated Big Draw Festival this October, called Living Lines.

Artist and Founder of When In Doubt, Draw, Divya Marie Kato FRSA, has been sharing drawing through classes and events for over 11 years in Japan and is a passionate advocate for elevating the role of art in education and making it accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Karen Thomas, Founder of Toriizaka Art, our venue for The Big Draw Japan 2017, started her gallery our of her passion to share art with others. Since opening its doors in 2006, Toriizaka Art has welcomed thousands of guests into its modest gallery space in central Tokyo.

The gallery, featuring a diverse selection of exceptional art, primarily from Vietnam, is a stunning testament to how living with art transforms your whole life and is the perfect place for us to gather for The Big Draw Japan 2017! The event is open to anyone who loves to draw, as well as those who think they can't! It's an opportunity to join a global community in celebration of the universal language of drawing. Bring nothing but a willingness to create, connect and celebrate!

The Big Draw Japan 2017
Sunday October 22nd 2-4pm ¥1000 (exact change please) 
Venue: Toriizaka Art, Hiro-o, Tokyo
Booking: Email

Schools in Tokyo: Want to get involved or have a drawing event at your school in October? Contact: to get Divya to come and facilitate a workshop at your school!

Meet Divya Marie Kato of When In Doubt, Draw
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Tickets: ¥1000

Suitable for ages: 6-11 12-16 16+

Organised by When In Doubt, Draw

Family Friendly Facilities: Due to the art work in the gallery, please contact Divya for further advice if you wish to bring your children to the event.
5 minutes walk from Hiro-o train station.  
Divya Marie Kato

Toriizaka Art Gallery
Toriizaka Art Homat Monarch #105
2-20-13 Hiro-o
03 3797 9332

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