The Big Draw 2017- Living Lines
Playeum, Children's Centre for Creativity with Gillman Barracks
Part of Big Draw 2017 Playeum, Children's Centre for Creativity
Sat 28 Oct 11am - 6pm
Playeum is once again proud to host The Big Draw Festival Singapore for the 9th year running. As part of the international campaign for drawing, the Big Draw in Singapore leverages on art, science and technology to bond families and bring communities together. Activities are designed to have direct and meaningful impact with: - Parents & Children - School & Teachers in the Community - Community at Large The theme for 2017 is The Big Draw Festival: Living Lines which uses creative innovation, enterprise, digital technologies and the arts. The theme for 2017 is The Big Draw Festival: Living Lines which uses creative innovation, enterprise, digital technologies and the arts. Playeum has been advocating for children's voices and their autonomy for close to a decade, especially at the Big Draw festival, where Playeum has been championing for within the region annually since 2009. At the Big Draw Festival this year, Playeum will continue to celebrate children’s capabilities by designing an inspiring environment centered around the theme of LIVING LINES. A strong team of artists and other content creators will co-curate and lead the various activities that celebrate each child’s different voice.   The theme of LIVING LINES also supports Playeum’s ongoing practice to provide interdisciplinary activities. We believe strongly in not placing activities within specific subject areas, but instead to combine subjects to create new and innovative results. This is a fundamental aim of ours for The Big Draw 2017 and the theme complements it perfectly.  This year we will be curating different activities to play on illusionary, theatrical, technical and animated imagery while incorporating our current exhibition “Making It Home” and its installations, which will further drive the event and give families and children more opportunities to illustrate in an unstructured and open ended context.  

Some of the artist collaborations and activities that will take place include:  

Make Your Own Decortrope (Children will learn about the science behind this simple optical illusion by making a simple handheld paper decortrope that they can decorate with different patterns and colors, and thereafter watch as the images spin and combine together)

Drawing Sound
(Fuse art and technology together by drawing together on a collaborative piece of artwork with just a pencil and a simple electronic circuit and watch your creations make different sounds!)

Make Your Own Drawing Tool (We will be working with independent artist Mary Bernadette to create your very own drawing tools from simple everyday objects found around Gillman Barracks, such as twigs, leaves, and feathers. By reinventing new drawing tools from used, recycled objects and natural materials, children are breathing new life into tools and reinventing living lines).

Zip Away
(Partnering up with our neighbours, the Playazza will be transformed into a network of ziplines of different heights and lengths around the vicinity of Playeum, for you to explore speed and movement. Choose a zipline to attach your creations to and see how fast they travel)

Construction Paper City
(Explore urban design and build upon your own paper version of Gillman Barracks by piecing together strips of paper of all shapes and sizes to construct your very own unique city scape, and expand on each other’s designs to build a collaborative piece of art work)

Live Drawing with Artists
(Adding onto the theme of drawing and living lines, David Liew, a tone deaf children’s illustrator and Eve Tan of Twogaether will be live drawing in real time while the festivities are going on all day)

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Tickets: $10 per adult/chair pair. $5 per additional adult

Suitable for ages: All 0-5 6-11 12-16

Organised by Playeum Ltd

Family Friendly Facilities: Baby changing table, ground level, indoor and outdoor activity areas,family-friendly cafe nearby
Parking available, 7-10 minute walk to Labrador Park MRT station, 3-5 minute walk to bus stop.

Playeum, Children's Centre for Creativity
47 Malan Road #01-23
Gillman Barracks
+65 6262 0750

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