Claire Davenhall with Jacq Chorlton & Sheryl Chant
Part of Workshop Series Rockingham Arts Centre
Wed 04 Oct 10am -12.30pm at Rockingham Arts Centre
Wed 04 Oct 1pm - 3pm at Rockingham Central Library
Wed 04 Oct 10am -12.00pm at Rockingham Central Library
Thu 05 Oct 10am - 12.30pm at Rockingham Arts Centre
Fri 06 Oct 10am -12.30 Rockingham Arts Centre
Sat 07 Oct 10am -12.00pm at Rockingham Central Library
Sat 07 Oct 10am - 3pm at Rockingham Arts Centre
This year's Big Draw Festival Living Lines is designed to get your marks moving! In this workshop series you will learn a range of drawing techniques from continuous line drawing, contour lines, organic and linear lines to create an animated installation in the gallery, just wait to see what we have up our sleeves… Workshop 1 – Bringing the Dead to Life 
Draw from a range of special exhibits from Academy of Taxidermy - Museum of Natural History and create your own flip/concertina book from your chosen specimens. These will be displayed on the walls of the gallery.
FACILITATOR: International Artist Claire Davenhall 
DATE: Wednesday 4th October 2017:  TIME: 10am-12.30pm
AGE: 12 to 17years  VENUE: Rockingham Arts Centre 

Workshop 2 – The Social Butterfly
Create a community hanging installation, symbolising 'the butterfly effect' in the front window of the gallery, watch your creations work together to cast shadows on the walls and floor in a subtle interplay of flight!  
FACILITATOR: International Artist Claire Davenhall 
VENUE: Rockingham Arts Centre 
DATE: Thursday 5th October 2017 
TIME: 10am-12.30pm
AGE: 12 to 17years   VENUE: Rockingham Arts Centre   

Workshop 3 – Spinning Zoetropes
Create the illusion of motion with spinning Zoetropes, watch through special slots and bring you drawings to life this these amazing machines! Your interactive Zoetrops will be displayed in Gallery on plinths for the public to enjoy.  
FACILITATOR: International Artist Claire Davenhall 
DATE: Friday 6th October 2017 
TIME: 10am-12.30pm 
AGE: 12 to 17years  VENUE: Rockingham Arts Centre 

Workshop 4 – Chalking up the gallery
Using her mural as inspiration, work together on an outdoor temporary ephemeral installation to extend the living lines of the Mural into the gallery space for the opening night on Saturday!  
FACILITATOR: Award-Winning Artist Jacq Chorlton
DATE: Saturday 7th October 2017 
TIME: 10am til 3pm
AGE: 12 to 17years  VENUE: Rockingham Arts Centre 

Workshop 5, 6, 7
 – Get Your Art Spinning at the Library
Make your drawings fly through the air with this amazing spinning sculpture. Attach you work to cover the giant two-metre high frame which will be the centre piece of the Exhibition for the opening night of LIVING LINES.  
FACILITATOR: Public Figure Sheryl Chant  
DATE: Wednesday 4th October 2017 
TIME: 10am -12.00pm                
           Wednesday 4th October 2017 
TIME: 1pm -3pm                         
           Saturday 7th October 2017 
TIME: 10am -12.00pm
AGE: 7-12 years  VENUE: Rockingham Central Library

Registration is free, but places for this workshop are limited. 

To register, contact Rockingham Arts Centre:
Phone: 08 9527 0734 
10am and 3pm Monday to Friday 

Rockingham Arts Centre on Kent Street
Wednesday 4th October to Sunday 8th October 2017

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This is a free event

Suitable for ages: 6-11 12-16 16+

Organised by Claire Davenhall - Visual Artist

Family Friendly Facilities: The centre's primary aim is to facilitate Rockingham's art groups, however with several different types of hirable spaces the centre can also cater for more standard booking requests for meetings, seminars and training.The centre consists of a multi-purpose room, sculpture workshop, pottery room, studio/office space and an exhibition space. For more information on hiring spaces within this facility contact Customer Service on 9528 0333.


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