Living Lines - Arts Celebration Evening 2017
British School of Guangzhou
Thu 09 Nov 5:15 - 7:30pm
Art, Drama, Music and English come together to celebrate the Arts through The Big Draw Throughout the month of October at the British School of Guangzhou...
  1. Year 7 have been creating flipbooks, drawing a series of images, when flicked through, play out a moving animation. 
  2. Year 8 have been exploring Graphic Scores, the visual representation of sound. They began the investigation by listening to range of noises, from rock to classical.  They will continue by up scaling their drawings whilst listening to Blues, a genre they have been learning in their Music lessons. 
  3. Year 9 have been reading their favorite chapters from their books and responding to the story through line, colour and pattern. 
  4. Year 10 explore the theme from the visual research they collected during South China Botanical Gardens trip last half term. They are making etches of the natural forms found in the gardens. 
  5. Year 12 look at life under the magnifying glass as part of their ‘Surface’ themed A Level coursework project. 
All of the works made will be on exhibition at the Arts Celebration Evening live art will be created to music and poetry.

You will also get the opportunity to 
contribute to the drawing festival by exploring how music influences line or making your own flip book.

5.15 Canapés and drinks
5.40 Welcome Speech
5.50 Drama Performances
6.05 Poetry Readings
6.10 Interval, Exhibition & interactive drawing 
6.20 Music and Art Collaboration
6.25 Poetry Anthology
6.30 Music
7.00 Exhibition, drinks & interactive drawing 
7.30 End


The Big Draw at the British School Guangzhou 2016

This is a free event

Suitable for ages: All

Organised by Nord Anglia Education

H Slaughter

British School of Guangzhou
The British School of Guangzhou
983-3 Tonghe Road
Baiyun District,
(+86) 020 87094788

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