Flip Books
Natalia Weiss, www.natalia-weiss.at
Künstlerhaus 1050
Sat 14 Oct 2-5pm
The participants create imaginative and exceptional flip books in a workshop led by the artist Natalia Weiss. Flip books are more than illustrated books for children: they have been bringing lines to life for more than 400 years. The participants discover the exhibition spaces of Künstlerhaus 1050 in a guided tour led by the artist Natalia Weiss to get inspired by the artworks and their lines and forms. Based on their personal impressions the children will develop unique characters and sketch a storyboard. These ideas will be transformed into creative and exceptional flip books.  

The event will offer the participants an extraordinary platform to explore and celebrate the universal language of drawing together with the artists of the Künstlerhaus association and become part of the global Big Draw community. 

Workshop in cooperation with wienXtra-kinderaktiv.
Supported by the association “Friends of Künstlerhaus”.  

Flip Books - The Big Draw @ Künstlerhaus 1050, October 2017
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Tickets: Euro 5,- / Euro 3,- (kinderaktivcard)

Suitable for ages: 6-11 12-16

Organised by Künstlerhaus, Gesellschaft bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler Österreichs

Family Friendly Facilities:
  • Car Parking (free/paid)
  • Unisex Baby Changing facilities
  • Water fountain
  • Ability to heat baby milk

  • Public Transport stops nearby
  • Lifts to all public areas
  • Wheelchair spaces

Flip Books - The Big Draw @ Künstlerhaus 1050, October 2017

Künstlerhaus 1050
Stolberggasse 26
+43 1 587 96 63 20

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