Draw to Score (Let's get moving!)
College of Arts Staff
Part of Big Draw / Frequency Festival 17 The University Of Lincoln
Tue 17 Oct 10am - 2.30pm
Wed 18 Oct 10am - 2.30pm
Thu 19 Oct 10 am - 2.30pm
Sun 22 Oct 10.30am - 1.30 pm
A Big Draw animation, drawing, music and arts event in collaboration with Frequency 2017. The week of October 16th - 22nd once again saw The University of Lincoln involved in The Big Draw’s celebration of drawing under the theme of ‘Living Lines’ with a range of workshops happening for Lincolnshire’s Schools and the public over the week.   On the 17th October 30 primary school children visited from Potterhanworth drawing with light in the photography studios, interpreting music into drawings (in all our music drawing workshops the drawings were then re interpreted back into music through improvised performances by our music students, the concept is that the lines 'live again' through their reinterpretation back into music. Each child will receive a CD of the music after the event.), and finally experimental animation making Phonotropes (as inspired by Jim Le Fevre).   On the 18th hosted the event for 30 secondary school pupils from University Academy Holbeach and Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School Horncastle, this time drawing with light in the photography studios, interpreting music into drawings, and also creating digital animations in our animation studios.   On the 19th we welcomed 45 primary school children visiting, from three schools (Rauceby, Redwood, and Monks Abbey drawing with light in the photography studios, interpreting music into drawings, making Phonotropes, and finally creating drawings by attaching sponges dipped in paint to elastic band powered vehicles, (this was great fun and resulted in some interesting  'live' drawing).   On Sunday the 22nd we ran an open children's drawing day for the Lincolnshire Childrens University and members of the public, (30 places, all filled), with the following activities taking place, drawing with light in the photography studios, interpreting music into drawings, and finally creating drawings with elastic band powered vehicles.   Finally on Sunday evening we attempted a giant drawing with light on the lawns outside the University's Newton Science building with students from The College of Arts. This was photographed from the roof of the Newton Building and live streamed on the Frequency Festival’s web site.   All the 'music drawings' have been posted onto the Frequency Festival’s, website, with an international invitation put out to musicians and composers of all kinds to send us musical compositions and improvisations as responses to the drawings.   The Frequency Festival’s theme is Place/Displacement; consider the childrens’s Big Draw music drawings as graphic scores, as a displacement in terms of moving away from the traditional and expected forms of notation creating new challenges and opportunities for musicians and sound artists. We are inviting musicians and sound artists of all kinds (solo, band, orchestral, etc. of whatever genre, traditional, folk, jazz, rock, classical, electronic, experimental, for example) to join us and to respond to a drawing and make the lines ‘live again’ through music.  We are looking for works no shorter than 2 minutes 42 seconds and no longer than 4 minutes, 33 seconds. (Those ‘in the know’ will get this restriction)! Your music should be sent to us as high quality MP3 files (320kbit/s).   We welcome compositions from musicians of all kinds, why not have a go yourself? http://frequency.org.uk/portfolio-item/big-draw/    Send yor original compositions or improvisations together with the details of the drawing responded to, to us via the link on our Frequency page. We’ll take it from there and post your composition and details on our Soundcloud page, which will be linked to the Frequency Festival website and promoted through their social media channels.   Our invitation is open to anyone and everyone who’d like to participate in the Frequency event. (You don’t have to be a professional or trained musician to submit your work). This is a great chance to be part of our International Arts Festival and to find new audiences for your work from across the World.   Download one of the ‘scores’, and join us...
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This is a free event

Suitable for ages: All

Organised by University of Lincoln

Family Friendly Facilities: Cafe. Water Fountain. Toilets.
Wheelchair Access. Lifts to all Floors
Keith James
Stella Voce

The University Of Lincoln
Brayford Pool
01522 882000

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