Drawing in Schools


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Big Draw Festival Award winners 2015/16 Ben Johnson School celebrate a fun-filled day! - see their winning event here and more insiration here on our YouTube channel.

why join the big draw festival?

"The Big Draw is a superb focus for any school - allowing all subjects areas to appreciate the value of drawing and visual literacy and to support the use of transferable skills and knowledge. Drawing is a language that resonates with all subject areas. Drawing is communication that breaks through barriers. And, it helps us speak when words are not enough". 

Susan Coles,  (The Big Draw Associate, Cultural Educational Consultant, Artist, school governor, former President of NSEAD).

Living Lines:  An Animated Big Draw FestivAl in 2017!

From cave men to the big screen and everything in between, this year, the theme of the world’s biggest drawing festival aims to unite pixels, pencils and people from across the globe to celebrate.

We hope schools worldwide will help us to investigate the concept of movement through drawing in 2017 - whether that be through something as simple as flickbooks, or puppetry, to performative events, or computer animation.  Please get in touch if you'd like to run your idea for an event past us!

Hear it from the organisers!

Read our interview with Big Draw Festival Award Winners Eastbury Comprehensive who use animation to bridge the gap between subjects and year groups! They have some great tips for #LivingLines2017!

See some testimonials from organisers past here and our drawing in schools youtube channel here.

Clip from Eastbury's Big Draw Award winning animation 'One World, Seven Billion Styles' 

Learn Through Drawing

The October Big Draw Festival is an annual celebration of the power of drawing, and hundreds of schools from all over the world take part.

For children, drawing is a means of understanding the world, how it looks, and how it works. It nurtures creativity, developing their imagination and power of invention. 

Drawing is a transferable skill which can be integrated into the entire curriculum. We believe in drawing to learn not learning to draw! Watch our video with Big Draw patron Sir Roger Penrose on how drawing can be used for maths and science!


 campaigning for creativity

The Big Draw actively argues the case for creativity in schools and in the workplace. The effect of the EBacc (UK) has had a devastating impact on the uptake on creative subjects at schools. We support the Bacc for The Future campaign and work with our ambassadors and patrons to lobby in parliment to make the case for creativity. The increasing pressure on schools to focus on STEM not STEAM begs the question; who will continue the success of the booming creative industries in the UK? - now worth £84.1 billion / year. Not to mention the countless non-economic benefits, articulated beautifully by our patron Bob & Roberta Smith RA, OBE: 


We offer prestigious Big Draw Festival Awards for the most innovative and engaging Big Draws in schools worth £750 each!

See some of our winners' events here from The 2015/16 Awards! 

Only registered event organisers are eligible to apply so make sure you login or register for the #LivingLines2017 Awards. Award applications open after the Festival on 1 November 2017.

power drawing books + the big draw festival welcome pack

The Big Draw's Power Drawing publications are packed with advice and ideas for drawing in education and beyond. These richly-illustrated books provide evidence of drawing as a tool for learning, and explain the use of different kinds of drawings for different educational and professional purposes.

All Big Draw organisers can request a complimentary set of Power Dawing Books as part of a bespoke welcome pack which also includes access to digital & printed promotional tools including posters, certificates, stickers, balloons, Cass Art material discount voucher, case studies, marketing and sponsorship guidance and more! Click below to sign up!