Big Draw Blog

Our Hut and The Big Draw

Mon 08 Sep

Our Hut answers some questions about its involvement in The Campaign for Drawing's annual Big Draw.

Google Doodles

Fri 05 Sep

All 2000 Google Doodles since Google began. Google's team of illustrators produce possibly the most viewed drawings in the modern world.


Sharing in the Success of Pintar Rapido

Fri 05 Sep

Pintar Rapido is travelling to Amsterdam this weekend, but before setting off, the team has shared some of its London success with The Campaign for Drawing.

Join The Big Draw at London Illustration Fair 5th & 6th July

Mon 23 Jun

Rachel Price from The Campaign for Drawing interviews London Illustration Fair founder Sam Bennett about this year's fair.


Why I love The Big Draw

Wed 18 Jun

The way I feel about the Big Draw is sort of the way I felt about The New Kids on The Block circa 1989.  Well, minus the school-girl crushes. 


Digital Drawing at Tate Modern

Tue 01 Jul

At the Tate Modern you can make a creative response to your visit on a digital sketch pad, then see your drawing immediately projected on the wall.